#12 – After Election 2012

This is a special post-election podcast.

Part 1: Inside NPR Headquarters

I had the chance to spend election night at NPR headquarters in DC with 30 journalists, community activists and political geeks. The event was hosted by NPR’s social media desk and senior strategist Andy Carvin (@acarvin).

Inside NPR headquarters in Washington on election night. NPR senior strategist Andy Carvin stands in the back of the room. (Photo by Jolie Lee)

It’s quite a change from the last presidential election social media event at NPR, which Jill Miller Zimon (@JillMZ) attended four years ago.

“These days, what’s different in 2012 versus 2008, we have a lot more sources of information we can consult at anytime,” said Zimon, who wears several hats, including a council member in Pepper Pike, Ohio, a blogger at Writes Like She Talks and a director of Civic Commons, a Knight Foundation grantee to enhance civic engagement.

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