The Internet sent out shockwaves that have altered the American way of life forever. One place those changes have been most evident is in the field of journalism.

The rise of digital media coupled with the drop off of advertising revenue has killed off many legacy news outlets. As newspapers fold or lay off staffs in a last-ditch effort to hang on, journalists find themselves floundering to find a place in the new digital environment.

Despite this upheaval, the demand for news continues to be strong. The technology that is killing the big newspapers is also the platform that will save it.

Journalism is not dying. It is changing.

With the new digital tools at their fingertips, journalists can update stories minute by minute from the field. They can find sources in a crowd or discover facts buried in a government database. They can report the news using a combination of text, audio, video and graphics. They can establish a dialogue with their readers or give their readers the tools to report the story themselves.

The goal of It’s All Journalism is to bring together the experiences of working journalists as they explore this continuously evolving field.

No one person is an expert at all of this. No one person has all the answers. But by asking questions and sharing what we discover, we hope to help our users gain a better understanding of this shifting landscape.


Megan Cloherty
Julia O’Donoghue
Michael O’Connell

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