Podcast – Episode 1: Amy Eisman, American University

Amy Eisman (American University photo)

Amy Eisman is a journalism educator and former editor. Currently, she is the director of the MA in Media Entrepreneurship program, launched in 2012, and the 13-year-old MA in Interactive Journalism at American University, from which the three founders of It’s All Journalism graduated. Previously, Eisman was the AU School of Communications’ director of writing program.

For 17 years, Eisman was an editor for Gannett, including the executive editor of USA Weekend. She was also a managing editor at AOL and a Fulbright lecturer in Moscow. Eisman co-chaired the 2010 Online News Association Conference and chairs ONA’s MJ Bear Fellowship committee, which honors digital journalists under the age of 30.

It’s All Journalism’s Michael O’Connell spoke with Eisman about where journalism is at, where it’s headed and how journalists can find opportunities in the shifting environment.

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