Kamaria Roberts
Kamaria Roberts

Better News: Revisiting some success stories from 2021

Kamaria Roberts, the new deputy director of local news transformation at the American Press Institute, joins host Michael O’Connell in a year-end review of the Better News podcast. They listen to clips from past interviews and discuss how they demonstrate the successful application of strategies developed by newsrooms in the Table Stakes Local News Transformation program and featured on BetterNews.org.

The Better News podcast is a partnership between It’s All Journalism and the American Press Institute to a) showcase innovative/experimental ideas that emerge from the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund and b) share replicable strategies and tactics that benefit the news industry as a whole. Sign up for the Better News newsletter to receive news about the latest resources, case studies, and insights. For more news about the It’s All Journalism podcast and future episodes of Better News, sign up for the weekly IAJ newsletter.

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