Season 8

It's All Journalism episodes from 2020.

442. 2020 Lookback: America from Canada’s perspective

Dave Bidini discusses a special edition of the West End Phoenix examining what it's like to observe the U.S. from across the shared border.


Remembering Tiffany Shackelford

It's All Journalism honors the memory of Tiffany Shackelford by reposting our conversation with her from April 2013.


441. 2020 Lookback: A new journalist’s first year

Sarah Ramantanis of Philanthropy Australia discusses her first year as a journalist and working in the time of COVID-19.


440. Google News Initiative wants newsrooms to thrive

Ben Monnie, director of global partnership solutions for news at the Google News Initiative, discusses Google’s new Digital Growth Program.


Better News: Building strong community partnerships

Ryan Lillis and Liv Monahan talk about how The Sacramento Bee is building community partnerships and giving a voice to the underserved.


439. How the coronavirus changed journalism

Marcus Harun, a producer at MSNBC, discusses his documentary, Essential Journalists: How Coronavirus Changed TV News.


438. The Interview Dudes are taking over the world

Three middle schoolers talk about their podcast and interviews with the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Steve Martin.


437. Objectivity, racism, and the crisis of credibility

Pacinthe Mattar discusses her recent story for The Walrus entitled "Objectivity is a Privilege Afforded to White Journalists."


436. Investigative journalism that’s heavy on context

Investigative reporter Madison Carter of WKBW in Buffalo discusses her coverage of Black Lives Matter protests in the city.


435. Sports columnist Jerry Izenberg subject of new book

Ed Odeven, a sportswriter for Japan Forward, discusses his new book about legendary sports columnist Jerry Izenberg.


What were the highs and lows of your election coverage?

It's All Journalism host Michael O'Connell recounts his day covering the 2020 election in Washington, D.C.


434. Put community at the center of your journalism

Andrea Wenzel discusses the importance of learning a community's priorities and information needs as a way to improve a newsroom's coverage.


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