Street Sense vendors Carlton Johnson, left, and Daniel Ball talk to Michael O'Connell. (Sage Levy)

Bonus: Look at This podcast provides forum for DC’s homeless

The podcast series is a production of Street Sense Media, a nonprofit whose mission is to end homelessness in the Washington, D.C. area. It does this by providing people with the skills and tools they need to become more confident and empowered.

In service of its mission, Street Sense Media produces journalism about homelessness issues in the D.C. area, publishing it in a variety of platforms, including film, theater, photography, illustration, and podcasting.It also publishes the weekly Street Sense newspaper, which the homeless vendors sell as a way to earn income.

O’Connell served as executive producer for “Look at This,” in partnership with Episode’s can be found on the Street Sense website, Patch’s Washington, D.C. site, or Podbean.

Listen to “Look at This”:

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