Partnership Opportunties

How We Can Help Our Partners

  • Podcast production: Our team can create, produce and publish podcast episodes in support of your brand. We can book and interview guests, or we can turn your raw audio into a polished episode. You’ll have complete editorial control over content under this option.
  • Special IAJ episodes: For a more seamless collaboration, we can feature guests of your choosing in special, partner-sponsored IAJ episodes.. This will allow you to directly reach our audience of working journalists, educators, and media thought leaders.
  • Webinars: Let IAJ host your next webinar! We can provide you with video and audio to share on YouTube or as a podcast.
  • Tutorials: We can help you create finished audio for any training or tutorial you produce around a topic of your choice.


  • Conference audio: Hosting a conference or event? We can record audio of all the event presentations and turn them into finished podcast episodes.
  • Sponsorships: As an official sponsor, your organization would be acknowledged in every episode of IAJ, as well as on our website and social media, in addition to our weekly email newsletter.
  • Podcast ads: We can provide either a host-read ad or a fully-produced audio commercial to run as preroll, midroll or postroll segments on IAJ.
  • Online and newsletter ads: We can display banners and other visual ads on our website and in our weekly newsletter.

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