Season 8

It's All Journalism episodes from 2020.

400. The more journalism and social media change, the more journalists are needed

For our 400th episode, It's All Journalism Producer Michael O'Connell is joined by our first guest, Amy Eisman of American University's School of Communication, to discuss how things have...


399. FedNet gathers latest multimedia news from Capitol Hill

When footage from Capitol Hill proceedings appear on local newscasts across the country and around the world, some of that video could very well be the work of The...


398. Alaska: More than what you see on reality TV

Alaska is much more than just what’s portrayed on reality TV.  For those who live there, whether by birth or by choice, there’s more to the state than any...


397. Podcasting with a South American twist

Audiences in South America are hungry for good podcast content, much like their cousins to the north.  Sebastián Payán of 070 Podcasts from Colombia and Tiago Rogero of Negra...


396. Tess Koman’s iconic video journey dining at America’s amusement parks

Tess Koman has what might be a dream job: she goes to amusement parks and tries all the food possible in the course of a day.  This is not...


395. Public Narrative works to help newsrooms find stories they may be missing

Public Narrative has a straight-forward mission: to work with journalists to “balance the narrative about public safety, public health and public education,” according to the group’s president, Jhmira Alexander. ...


394. Improve audience conversations and avoid trolls with Subtext

Imagine an online community where readers can ask reporters any and all questions they might have about their work, free from the insults and ridicule of trolls.  Welcome to...


393. Hard Times: When The Onion isn’t edgy enough

Like so many other younger siblings, Matt Saincome just wanted to hang out with, and be like, his older brother.  Since his brother was listening to punk bands from...


392. Calling out racists in cartoons makes them angry

Jen Sorensen gets hate mail — she has a folder she checks with some regularity — but it’s not quite the pit of despair and misogyny some might expect. ...


391. America has a bad case of truth decay, according to new RAND report

When politicians and policy makers can’t agree on a basic set of facts, how can they really establish a set of priorities for a nation?  When citizens have more...


390. Shining a brighter collective light on DC’s homeless population

Washington, D.C. is a competitive town where the federal government overshadows almost everything else.  But it’s also a regular city, where people with no affiliation to the government live,...


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