Season 9

It's All Journalism episodes published in 2021.

478. Keeping journalists safe is a priority for former EMT

Christopher Post spent 20 years as a first responder before changing careers and becoming a video journalist. He talks with It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell about how journalists...


477. Washingtonian staff solidifies its voice by forming a union

Jessica Sidman and Daniella Byck of the Washingtonian Magazine were two of the publication's staff who voted to form a new union for employees. 


476. Top journalism movies ranked by The Quill, Midwest Film Journal

Lou Harry and Nick Rogers are two of the film buffs behind The Quill's 110 journalism movies ranked.


475. Podcasting is the last frontier of the open internet

Benjamin Bellamy discusses the importance f the open internet and why podcasting is one of the last examples of what made the "old" internet powerful and exciting.  


474. Pushed Out: How domestic violence can lead to homelessness

Radio producer Julia Paskin reports on women who are experiencing homelessness due to intimate partner abuse.


473. Mental health toolkit designed by and for student journalists

USC students create the Student Journalism Wellness Project, an online resource kit for journalists to help handle the stress and mental health obstacles that come from working in news.


472. CNN Style explores intersection of news and culture

Fiona Sinclair Scott, CNN Style’s global editor, says everything going on in politics and news around the world is connected to cultural expressions, including fashion, art and design.


471. Info District: A 21st century model for funding local news

Simon Galperin of the Community Information Cooperative explains how Info Districts can fund local journalism.


470. COVID-19 exposes growing need for mental health reporting

Camalot Todd discusses how the COVID-19 demonstrated a greater need for mental health reporting.


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