Season 9

It's All Journalism episodes published in 2021.

461. The Counter uses food to make news more digestible

Kate Cox, editor of The Counter, explains how food can be a lens to view the news, because we all have to eat every day.


460. Knowing your worth in the diverse world of freelancing

Emilia Benton discusses her love of running and how she has learned how to be a successful freelance writer by doing. 


459. Politico project shows just how white and male statehouses remain

Angela Greiling Keane, Renuka Rayasam, and Allan James Vestal discuss Politico's data-rich project on the lack of diversity in state legislatures.


458. How service journalism helps solve community problems

Megan Griffith-Greene discusses what service journalism means and how it can help reporters better understand their communities.


457. New Humanitarian’s mission-centric focus a model for other newsrooms

As advertising dollars continue to shrink, Heba Aly says The New Humanitarian's newsroom might be a model for other news outlets.


456. What Is Life shares stories of prisoners facing life sentences

Joshua Vaughn of The Appeal discusses the What Is Life? podcast, which features conversations with prisoners facing life sentences.


455. Making Google, Facebook pay their fair share for news

David Chavern of the News Media Alliance discusses legislation to make Facebook and Google pay news publishers fair value for their content.


454. Solutions Journalism tackles community problems

Karen Magnuson of the Solutions Journalism Network talks about its new project focusing on caregivers for the aging population.


453. Making sure Wikipedia shows that Women Do News

Angilee Shah and Jareen Imam of the Women Do News campaign are creating Wikipedia entries to raise the profile of women in news.


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