Caitlin Schmidt
Caitlin Schmidt

Better News: Arizona Daily Star flips the narrative with solutions journalism beat

Media critics often fault the news industry for only covering bad news. While William Randolph Hearst may have coined the concept “If it bleeds, it leads,” that sentiment is not shared by those journalists working hard to make the community they’re covering a better place for their audience to live.

Case in point, the Arizona Daily Star recently flipped the narrative and added solutions-oriented reporting to its coverage. Rather than reporting on the problems of the community, the Daily Star’s solutions reporter Caitlin Schmidt is writing about how people are trying to fix those problems.

Caitlin and Editor Jill Jorden Spitz recently wrote a case study for Better News about the Star’s solutions-oriented reporting. Caitlin joins Better News host Michael O’Connell to share the details. Read the case study.

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