Season 11

These are the podcast episodes and posts published by It’s All Journalism in 2023.

576. KILLED: A story has to die to be on this podcast

Justine Harman talks about her podcast KILLED, which pulls the curtain back on the editorial process and forces at play that lead publications to kill a big story.

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Better News: Louisville Public Media makes news for and with its Black audiences

Better News podcast host Michael O’Connell talks to Louisville Public Media’s vice president of content, Gabrielle Jones, about LPM’s new approach to covering the news for and with its Black audiences.

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575. Why freelance journalists should join a union

Abigail Higgins talks about how the National Writers Union’s Freelance Solidarity Project is working to improve the working conditions of freelance journalists and why freelancers should consider joining a union.

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574. How much do listeners trust news they get from podcasts?

Elisa Shearer, a senior researcher on Pew Research Center’s News & Information Team, discusses the recent report, “Podcasts as a Source of News and Information,” which reveals how different audiences trust the information they receive from the podcasts.

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Better News: The Fayetteville Observer charts new course with Black audiences

Editors Beth Hutson and Myron Pitts discuss The Fayetteville Observer’s new initiative to restore trust and better engage its Black readers.

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573. Sports journalism’s checkered past in covering mental illness

Ron Bishop, a professor of communication at Drexel University in Philadelphia, talks about his new book: “The Thematic Evolution of Sports Journalism’s Narrative of Mental Illness: A Little Less Conversation.”

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