Amber Healy

571. Prison Newspaper Project shares the inside scoop from those inside

Kate McQueen is the editor of the Prison Newspaper Project and shares the inside story of the voices from the inside of America’s prisons on the latest episode of It’s All Journalism.

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570. How media fails at covering trans issues

The LGBTQ+ community is once again in the crosshairs of the political debate in the U.S. John Casey, senior editor at the Advocate, discusses how journalists could be doing a better job of covering LGBTQ+ issues.

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569. Rethinking incarceration, policing subject of new documentary

In his documentary Reimagining Safety, Matthew Solomon explores the false premise that more police and more prisons makes us safer. He also provides practical and actionable solutions toward achieving systems of safety that work for everyone.

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568. Documenters boost Resolve Philly’s coverage of important local meetings

Julie Christie, director of data and special projects at Resolve Philly, discusses how her newsroom partnered with Chicago’s City Bureau Documenters Network to recruit, train and pay Philadelphians to attend and take notes at public meetings across the city.

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567. The Trust Project tackles the crisis of trust and misinformation in media

Peabody Award-winning journalist Sally Lehrman talks about founding The Trust Project and how the nonprofit global consortium of news organizations is tackling the crisis of trust and misinformation in the media industry.

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566. Local news viewed through a postindustrial lens

Carmen Gentile, founder and editor at large of Postindustrial, explains how the independent, journalism-first, multimedia news outlet covers the areas in the United States that were once deemed highly industrialized. While some communities continue to struggles, others are finding new ways to thrive.

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