Peter Rice is the editor of the Downtown Albuquerque News.

IAJ Best of 2023: Peter Rice, editor of the Downtown Albuquerque News

This week and next, the It’s All Journalism team is taking some time off to enjoy the holidays and spend time with our loved ones. It’s become a tradition that at the end of the year, we like to look back at some of the great conversations we’ve had.

This week we’re sharing the second-most downloaded episode of 2023, our interview with Adam Rice, the editor of the Downtown Albuquerque News. In addition to reposting our interview with Rice, IAJ host Michael O’Connell checks in to see what’s changed since we spoke to him in January.

Be sure to download and listen to next week’s episode as well, when we share not only our most downloaded episode of 2023, but announce our Top 10 Episodes of 2023. We’ll also be making a special announcement about our upcoming 600th episode in January.

As always, thanks again for listening to our podcast. We love producing it and look forward to sharing more interviews with working journalists about the ever-changing state of media.


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