Mandy Jenkins - JSK Fellows - 2018/2019

Mandy Jenkins: Remembering a digital rockstar

It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell remembers Mandy Jenkins, a long-time friend of the podcast who died Feb. 20, 2023 in her hometown of Zanesville, Ohio. To honor Mandy’s memory, we’re reposting the audio from our last interview with her from February 2019.

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Ted Mellnik and Steven Rich are database editor at The Washington Post.

314. Data reporting fuels Washington Post’s massive homicide project

Washington Post database editor Steven Rich and Ted Mellnik join producer Michael O’Connell to discuss their massive undertaking: requesting and analyzing homicide and case closure rates from 50 cities across the United States. They talk about the disparities that exist in a single city and how data reporting no longer requires looking through filing cabinets but, instead, requires the ability to read and interpret data files.

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292. Where do college students get their news?

On this week’s It’s All Journalism podcast, Producer Michael O’Connell travels to DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, to talk about podcasting. In a live podcast recording, he asks a room full of college students how they get their news. It’s a fascinating peek how young people consume their news.

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