Season 12

These are the It’s All Journalism episodes and posts published in 2024.

613. The Commons aims to find common ground in a divided America

Drew Lindsay, a senior writer at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, leads The Commons, a new vertical focusing on the issue of polarization along the lines of political ideology, gender, income, race, geography, culture, and religion.

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612. ReNews helps revive, fund student-run media at HBCUs, HSIs

Executive Director Wesley Wright discusses the ReNews Project, which funds and/or provides professional assistance to revive dormant student newspapers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

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611. Budget neutral solution for funding community and ethnic media outlets

Maya Chupkov, media and democracy program manager at California Common Cause, discusses a recently passed resolution requiring government offices in San Francisco to spend at least half of their advertising and outreach budgets on community and ethnic media outlets.

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610: Report stories that are additive and talk to those no one else is talking to

Jane Ferguson, a foreign correspondent for PBS NewsHour and contributor to The New Yorker, was recently named the inaugural winner of the Neal Conan Prize for Excellence in Journalism. She discusses how covering news in conflict areas has changed in the 20 years.

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609. ONA Launches AI in Journalism Initiative

The Online News Association recently launched a new AI in Journalism Initiative to provide tools and practical training for journalists looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into their reporting. Meghan Murphy, ONA’s director of programs, and Hanaa Rifaey, ONA’s head of strategic partnerships, share the details with It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell.

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608. Guest interviews key part of most listened-to podcasts: Pew Research

Galen Stocking, a senior computational social scientist, discusses a new Pew Research Center study that examines the role guest interviews play in the 451 most listened-to podcasts.

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