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Better News: How San Antonio Express News Created A Winning Newsletter Strategy

Cameron Songer, the newsletter editor at the San Antonio Express News, shares tips on how newsrooms can improve their newsletter workflow.

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Better News: This pitch to switch to digital even includes softball

The Oklahoman’s David Dishman talks to Better News podcast host Michael O’Connell about some of the strategies the paper employed to help a staff steeped in print traditions adopt a digital-first approach.

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Better News: Revisiting the best stories of 2022

Kamaria Roberts highlights the accomplishments of the American Press Institute’s Better News Initiative in 2022 and what may be in store for 2023.

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Better News: Salt Lake Tribune finds new audience, revenue stream from Mormon Land beat

Danyelle White and Eve Rickles-Young of talk to Better News podcast host Michael O’Connell about how The Salt Lake Tribune’s Mormon Land beat identified a national audience that is financially supporting their work through Patreon.

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Better News: Arizona Daily Star flips the narrative with solutions journalism beat

Report Caitlin Schmidt co-authored a case study for Better News about the Arizona Daily Star’s solutions-oriented reporting beat. She shares all the details with Better News host Michael O’Connell.

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Better News: Social videos help Buffalo News increase engagement, sponsorships

Geoff Nason and fellow Buffalo News staffers Mark Gaughan and Danielle Ossher join Better News host Michael O’Connell to discuss the first season of Buffalo Bills PlayAction videos they produced.

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