Season 11

These are the podcast episodes and posts published by It’s All Journalism in 2023.

564. Where food and institutional power intersect in North Carolina is focus of new partnership

The Assembly, a digital magazine about the people, institutions, and ideas that shape North Carolina, recently partnered with The Food Section, a newsletter that covers food and drink in the American South. Kyle Villemain and Hanna Raskin, founders of The Assembly and The Food Section, respectively, discuss what their partnership means for the Carolinas and beyond.

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563. What artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT mean for the future of journalism

David Cohn, senior director of the AlphaGroup tech/media incubator and the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Subtext, says artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT won’t be taking journalists jobs, at least not anytime soon. But there are still vital roles for journalists to play as AI programs become more commonplace in the newsroom.

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562. First year as TV news reporter ‘not for the faint of heart’

Amanda Denise tells what it’s like navigating her first news market after she switched careers in her early 30s to become a television news reporter and weekend anchor at WCTI and WYDO in Eastern Carolina.

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Better News: HBCU Gameday grows from passion project to multi-tiered success

Tolly Carr talks about what attracted him to HBCU Gameday, and what advice he’d give to other media entrepreneurs who wish to take their passion project to the next level.

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561. Diversity a big part of the Chicago Reader’s formula for success

Tracy Baim explains how the Chicago Reader found success not only by identifying new revenue streams but also by prioritizing diversity in its newsroom staff and leadership.

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560. Documentary exposes police corruption in Baltimore

Baynard Woods discusses reporting on police corruption in Baltimore and the new documentary based on the book he coauthored with Brandon Soderberg, “I Got a Monster: The Rise and Fall of America’s Most Corrupt Police Squad

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