We’ve updated our website!

It took two years, but we finally got around to updating our website. We hope you enjoy it.

While the blog layout of our old website design was easy to use and gave us a place to share our work, we realized that most of our content was hidden. We wanted a website that would showcase all of our work and make it easier for our listeners to find some of our older podcasts.

Let us know what you think by emailing us at editor@itsalljournalism.com.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We’ve got big plans for the coming months, including podcasting from the Midway at the 2014 Online News Association Conference in Chicago. If you’re at the conference, come find us. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Megan Cloherty
Michael O’Connell
Julia O’Donoghue

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Talking pop culture, self-publishing

It’s All Journalism producer Michael O’Connell recently appeared on The Carolyn and Joe Show podcast, talking about pop culture, collecting and changing genders in the superhero realm. Listen to the audio.

Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo appeared on our podcast in 2013, talking about self-publishing, podcasting and their comics newspaper, Magic Bullet. Listen to that podcast.

You can find out more about Magic Bullet and find out how to obtain the latest issue here.

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It’s All Journalism launches partnership with Association of Alternative Newsmedia

Michael O’Connell, one of the founding producers of the It’s All Journalism podcast, and Tiffany Shackelford, executive director of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, make a special announcement that should be of interest to followers of the podcast and AAN members alike.

Read the full press release on the AAN website.

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Mystery of the Dramatic Drone

Photo by Michael O'Connell

Photo by Michael O’Connell

Here’s a little tease to our upcoming podcast interview with Ryan Teague Beckwith and Amber Phillips of Digital First Media. Our recording was interrupted by an unexpected guest.


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Preview: Rick Klein, political director for ABC News

Rick Klein, center, of ABC News talks with, from left, It's All Journalism producers Megan Cloherty, Julia O'Donoghue and Anna Miars. (Photo by Michael O'Connell)

Rick Klein, center, of ABC News talks with, from left, It’s All Journalism producers Megan Cloherty, Julia O’Donoghue and Anna Miars. (Photo by Michael O’Connell)

Here’s a taste of our our interview with Rick Klein, ABC News’ political director and a regular guest on Fox News and NPR.

Klein talks to It’s All Journalism about what it takes to be a political commentator and broadcaster in the digital age.

Check back Saturday, July 13, for our full interview.

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When is a wall more of a fence?

On Wednesday, June 12, the Washington Post will launch a paywall, limiting access to its online content to paid subscribers.

In this special podcast, It’s All Journalism producers Megan Cloherty, Anna Miars and Michael O’Connell discuss what this move means, including how the Washington Post’s paywall may be more of a fence than a wall — at least to start with.

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Podcast Preview: Rick Blum on the Freedom of Information Act

Rick Blum, coordinator of the Sunshine in Government Initiative, talks about how journalists can best use the Freedom of Information Act to better inform their stories.

Rick Blum of the Sunshine in Government Initiative talks about the Freedom of Information Act in the next episode of It's All Journalism.

Rick Blum of the Sunshine in Government Initiative talks about the Freedom of Information Act in the next episode of It’s All Journalism.

It’s All Journalism is a weekly podcast focused on the changing state of the media. New episodes are posted every Saturday.

Follow It’s All Journalism on Twitter and on Facebook.

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Bonus – Washington Post Graphics Director Kat Downs opens her portfolio

After we wrapped up our interview with The Washington Post‘s Graphics Director Kat Downs, we realized that we forgot to ask her about her online portfolio, which we think is kind of neat. So, we turned the mics back on and conducted this brief interview.

Kat Downs

The Washington Post Graphics Director Kat Downs shares tips on how to show off your multimedia work. (Photo by Anna Miars)

Rather than adding the interview to our full podcast, we decided to offer it as a bonus feature to our listeners.

Check back on Saturday, May 4, 2013, for our full interview with Kat, when she talks about multimedia design, visual storytelling and how the graphics team contributed to the Post’s coverage of the Boston bombings.

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Busy day of interviews — Clinton Yates, Jim Brady and Kate Gardiner

Washington Post Express Local News Editor Clinton Yates talks to It’s All Journalism. (Photo by Megan Cloherty)

The It’s All Journalism crew had a busy morning today, with three interesting interviews lined up.

We talked to Clinton Yates, the local news editor of the Washington Post Express newspaper about his many projects.

Then, Online News Association President Jim Brady joined us in studio for a discussion about the Thunderdome Project at the Journal Register.

Finally, we interviewed social media expert Kate Gardiner of Distill Media.

Due to technical difficulties, we missed our Thursday posting this last week. We’ll make it up to you by posting the Brady podcast the week of Dec. 9. You can download the podcast here or search for it in our corner of the iTunes store.

We’re always looking for new guests and topics. Drop us an email at editor@itsalljournalism.com

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Journalism students team up on social media to cover Election Day

By Megan Cloherty

Approaching an election, every journalist and budding journalist knows where they want to be — covering the race. So for students, unable to secure an assignment from a news organization on Election Day, this project was perfect.

RebelMouse, the relatively new personalized social media aggregator, teamed up with 24 journalism schools across the country (including my alma mater, Mizzou) to compile what turned into comprehensive election coverage in real time.

Called the #jelection project, the idea is pretty great. Cover the election all in one place employing the skills of journalists who are passionate about the subject and willing to work for free. Mix and present on a constantly-updating platform.
Continue Reading …

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