Season 12

It's All Journalism episodes published in 2024.

606. Private equity firms in search of profits are killing off newsrooms

Margot Susca, American University’s first professor of journalism, accountability and democracy, discusses her new book, “Hedged: How Private Investment Funds Help to Destroy America’s Newsrooms."

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607. Collaborative approach to solutions journalism benefits Philly’s diverse population

Gene Sonn and Derrick Cain discuss the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative, Resolve Philly's latest effort in solutions-oriented journalism and community engagement.

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609. ONA Launches AI in Journalism Initiative

The Online News Association recently launched a new AI in Journalism Initiative to provide tools and practical training for journalists looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into their reporting. Meghan...

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610: Report stories that are additive and talk to those no one else is talking to

Jane Ferguson, a foreign correspondent for PBS NewsHour and contributor to The New Yorker, was recently named the inaugural winner of the Neal Conan Prize for Excellence in Journalism....

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608. Guest interviews key part of most listened-to podcasts: Pew Research

Galen Stocking, a senior computational social scientist, discusses a new Pew Research Center study that examines the role guest interviews play in the 451 most listened-to podcasts.

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602. Public radio reporter from Phoenix pens first mystery novel

Christina Estes, a senior field correspondent at Phoenix NPR station KJZZ, recently penned “Off the Air," a mystery novel that was inspired by her career as a broadcast journalist 

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