Season 8

It's All Journalism episodes from 2020.

433. Movement journalism: A way to report on injustice

Tina Vasquez explains how movement journalism can help reporters present stories about marginalized and underserved communities.


432. Overdose crisis, harm reduction, and the Rust Belt

Jack Shuler's new book examines the drug overdose crisis in Ohio and how harm reduction practices can help save lives and communities.


Better News: How to use events to grow a diverse audience

Cierra Hinton talks about how Scalawag, a nonprofit media organization, is using events to diversify its audience and grow membership.


431. Statistics and sports: Telling stories with numbers

Sports statistics reporter Mark Simon claims he's not just a numbers guy. He uses his narrative skills to tell stories beyond the diamond.


430. Don’t expect any answers on Election Night

Spectrum News reporter Ryan Whalen discusses the 2020 election and why smart reporters should resist calling races on Election Night.


429. Need video footage? Hire a Stringr

Lindsay Stewart, a former broadcast news producer, talks about Stringr, which allows newsrooms to access a network of 120,000 videographers.


428. Fake news, presidential deception and the Civil War

It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell is joined by author and editor Elizabeth Mitchell to talk about the interview process and how 1864 is more like 2020 than most...


427. Crime reporting: Covering violence and trauma

Rachel Dissell discusses how she covered grueling crimes in Cleveland and the way she addresses the trauma of her subject.


Better News: How to win grants to fund journalism

Jane Elizabeth of The News and Observer and The Herald-Sun in North Carolina explains how to win grants to fund journalism projects.


426. Building relationships for the next generation of reporters

Doug Mitchell, founder of Next Generation Radio, discusses the long-lasting importance of relational approaches to journalism, for today and the future.


425. The crisis in local journalism is real

Steven Waldman discusses how Report for America is supporting local journalism and helping news outlets address their coverage gaps.


424. She Votes! recounts struggle for women’s suffrage

Ellen Goodman talks about She Votes!, a new podcast she's produced with Lynn Sherr of ABC News, exploring the women's suffrage movement.


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