Season 8

It's All Journalism episodes from 2020.

423. Covering Black communities with nuance and purpose

Deborah Douglas, author and visiting professor at DePauw University, discusses her latest Nieman Reports article on the new Black press.


422. Launching a nonprofit newsroom in a pandemic

Kelsey Ryan, founder of The Beacon, discusses the challenges of launching an independent nonprofit newsroom during the coronavirus.


421. Teach journalism to expand a kid’s worldview

John Vitti of Headliners in Education teaches the basics of journalism as a way to expand students' worldview and help improve their writing.


420. Hot Pod writer turns Servant of Pod host

Nick Quah, founder of the Hot Pod newsletter and host of the Servant of Pod podcast, discusses why he decided to pick up a mic.


419. Now is the time to focus on audience engagement

Fiona Morgan discusses the importance of news outlets rethinking audience engagement to better understand and reach their communities.


418. California City: Secrets of a desert town revealed

Emily Guerin, creator of the California City podcast, tells how a promising desert boomtown became a real estate scam and environmental headache.


417. Can’t find women who know sports? Try harder

Sports journalist Lindsay Gibbs of Power Plays and Burn It All Down talks about bringing women and non-binary perspectives to covering sports.


416. The story of America’s most corrupt police squad

Baynard Woods talks about the new book he co-authored exploring an incredibly corrupt special unit within the Baltimore Police Department.


415. Coronavirus is changing how newsrooms work

Everything about our collective daily lives has changed in the past three months, since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, but some of the ways we’ve adapted to meet this...


414. Will local ownership help Baltimore Sun survive?

Local ownership may be the key to keeping the venerable Baltimore Sun a viable part of its community. Like many other newsrooms, The Sun is facing hard times. Two...


Better News: How To Forge New Audiences Of Color

C.J. Benjamin of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle discusses how to develop a strategy to better engage a younger and more diverse audience.


413. Long history of bad police responses to protests

Maggie Koerth of FiveThirtyEight and Jamiles Lartey of the Marshall Project discuss how police departments take the wrong approach to dealing with protests.


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