Season 10

These are the It’s All Journalism episodes and posts published in 2022.

546. Gannett develops SMS strategy to text breaking news during Hurricane Ian

Jennifer Hefty, social and emerging platforms strategist for the USA Today Network, and Kara Chiles, senior vice president of consumer products for Gannett, talk to It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell about how they leveraged the SMS platform Subtext to text breaking news and public safety updates to their audience during Hurricane Ian.

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545. Prism newsroom benefits from 4-day workweek

Prism, an independent, nonprofit newsroom led by journalists of color, recently adopted a four-day workweek for its employees. Editor-in-Chief Ashton Lattimore tells It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell how the idea sprang from Prism’s own reporting and how the change has improved the work-life balance of its employees.

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544. What alternate social media platforms mean for journalism

Galen Stocking, a senior computational social scientist on the Journalism Research Team at the Pew Research Center, talks to It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell about Pew’s recent report: The Role of Alternative Social Media in the News and Information Environment.

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543. Bill to make online ad revenue more fair may make things worse

Lisa Macpherson, a senior policy analyst at Public Knowledge, explains why the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act may not make competition for ad revenue online more equitable for publishers. In fact, it might make things worse.

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Better News: Arizona Daily Star flips the narrative with solutions journalism beat

Report Caitlin Schmidt co-authored a case study for Better News about the Arizona Daily Star’s solutions-oriented reporting beat. She shares all the details with Better News host Michael O’Connell.

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542. Good news about employee pay, benefits in nonprofit newsrooms

A new study from the Institute for Nonprofit News looking at compensation among member organizations reveals some good news about employee pay and benefits. Courtney Lewis, INN’s chief of growth programs, shares the all the details with It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell.

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