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Michael O’Connell has been writing, editing and producing new stories for print and the online environment for more than 35 years. Currently, he’s the senior digital editor at Federal News Radio in Washington, D.C. For the 10 years, he’s been one of the producers and is the host of the It’s All Journalism podcast, which is available for download every Thursday on Apple Podcasts and on the PodcastOne network. He speaks regularly at journalism conferences about podcasting, and, in June 2017, Routledge Taylor and Francis released his new textbook, Turn Up the Volume — A Down and Dirty Guide to Podcasting. This fall O’Connell will put his research to practical use when he teaches a podcasting class in the weekend M.A. program in Journalism and Digital Storytelling at American University.

Better News: Revisiting the best stories of 2022

Kamaria Roberts highlights the accomplishments of the American Press Institute’s Better News Initiative in 2022 and what may be in store for 2023.

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Better News: Salt Lake Tribune finds new audience, revenue stream from Mormon Land beat

Danyelle White and Eve Rickles-Young of talk to Better News podcast host Michael O’Connell about how The Salt Lake Tribune’s Mormon Land beat identified a national audience that is financially supporting their work through Patreon.

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Better News: Arizona Daily Star flips the narrative with solutions journalism beat

Report Caitlin Schmidt co-authored a case study for Better News about the Arizona Daily Star’s solutions-oriented reporting beat. She shares all the details with Better News host Michael O’Connell.

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541. Shutting people out of democracy: What it looks like

Matt DeRienzo discusses the Center for Public Integrity’s new 50-state plus D.C. investigation of how voting access has become less equitable since the 2020 election and what that bodes for next Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

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540. Uplifting a vision of media that better serves democracy

Collette Watson and Diamond Hardiman of the Free Press discuss how Media 2070 seeks to empower Black journalists and others from marginalized communities to create and control the distribution of their own stories.

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538. Wallace Carroll blazed a trail for a generation of journalists

Mary McNeil is a former editor and writer for the Congressional Quarterly, talks to It’s All Journalism host Michael O’Connell about her new biography of Wallace Carroll and what today’s journalist’s can learn from this pioneering editor’s life.

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