Season 7

It's All Journalism episodes published in 2019.

380. Lacuna Voices will be home to stories that deserve an audience

As both a staff writer and a freelancer, Punteha van Terheyden has been sharing “true life” stories of real people for many years.  But last summer, she had a...


379. New book reveals the Tools for Podcasting

When you started your career being compared to Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis, it’s pretty much guaranteed your future will be promising and feature more than a few twists...


378. Podcast shares stories of DC’s music scene

Sean Gotkin remembers the last time the DC music scene was as vibrant, connected and supportive as it is now.  He grew up listening to bands like Fugazi and...


377. Get rid of your ego and be an empathetic journalist

Reporters know well the frustration of going out to report a story, with a clear idea in mind of what’s going on, only to find their interviews don’t support...


Better News: Post & Courier uncovers new revenue with mini-publisher model

The Post & Courier of Charleston, South Carolina was in dire straights. Its traditional revenue streams — print advertising and circulation — were in decline and the newspaper needed...


376. Citizen journalists help CitizenDetroit document public meetings

As newsrooms continue to shrink, communities are losing valuable information when civic boards meet and no one’s there to explain what happened.  Documenters, an organization that started in Chicago...


375. What does it take to cover hate?

Michael Edison Hayden didn’t have any designs on being a reporter, let alone one who spends his time covering hate groups. He started out as an American playwright who was...


374. What’s changed for women in newsrooms? Less than you think

Across decades and mediums, women in newsrooms have a multitude of experiences in common. That includes shedding, or trying not to shed, a few tears at the office. It’s...


373. Media outlets worldwide push for greater climate change coverage

Producer Michael O'Connell is joined by Mark Hertsgaard, environmental reporter for The Nation, to discuss next week's Covering Climate Now initiative, organized by The Nation and the Columbia Journalism...


Better News: Amplifier highlights Charlotte through its diverse music scene

When Joni Deutsch arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina to become the podcast lead at NPR station WFAE, she wanted to create something that captured the city’s unique identity beyond...


372. Algorithms are changing how journalists do their jobs

Nick Diakopoulos is an assistant professor in communication studies and computer science at Northwestern University where he’s also the director of the Computational Journalism Lab. In addition, Diakopoulos the author of...


371. NLGJA continues to transform how newsrooms cover LGBTQ issues

Twenty years ago, the media landscape was very different for the LGBTQ community. Years after Ellen DeGeneres became the first mainstream actress to confirm she was gay, the sitcom...


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