Season 7

It's All Journalism episodes published in 2019.

370. What’s your Credder rating?

Two years after launching TribeWorthy, pegged as a kind of Yelp for news consumers, Chase Palmieri is back with a revised and improved platform. Credder allows both reporters and...


369. How journalists can avoid rising to the bait in covering Trump

Jay Rosen is a media critic and professor of journalism at New York University. He’s also an observer of the trends and troubles affecting the media industry, which he...


368. Amplifying young international voices to tell stories that matter

Young people have the passion and energy needed to make real change in their communities and to help move the needle, albeit slowly and in fits and starts, for...


Better News: Events may be difficult, but they’re still worth doing

Chief Marking Officer Steve Yaeger and Managing Editor Suki Dardarian of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis discuss the challenges and benefits of hosting live events. Yaeger wrote about the...


IAJ partners with API on new podcast mini-series

After months of tinkering behind the scenes, It’s All Journalism is proud to announce that it’s partnering with the American Press Institute to produce a new podcast series focusing...


367. Investigative reporter exposes injustice in civil rights-era murder case

For three decades, Jerry Mitchell was an investigative reporter for The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi. He spent those years digging into crimes so closely aligned with the civil rights...


366. Young women lead the conversation about periods, sexism

A group of eighth grade girls have done something really special: They went from not knowing what a podcast was earlier this year to creating an award-winning conversation about...


365. Don’t be intimidated by the rich and powerful

It might not have been the career he envisioned, but Dan Primack has been covering business for decades. Even if he’d known from a young age he wanted to...


364. NewsGuard uses people not algorithms to sniff out fake news

We’re familiar with the nutrition labels that are required on food products, telling us the calorie content in addition to how much of our daily percent of sugar, sodium...


363. Finding the truth in a sea of misinformation

As a journalism professor, Stephen Davis likes to know where his students stand in terms of being able to suss out the truth from the fibs. Each year, he...


362. What is the future of LGBT media?

Trish Bendix is a freelance entertainment writer and late night TV columnist for The New York Times. She got her start as an LGBT journalist writing for AfterEllen, an...


5 more podcasts to check out

I’m happy to announce that 22 Hours: An American Nightmare, the podcast we interviewed Megan Cloherty and Jack Moore about last week, shot to the top of Apple Podcasts’ ratings...


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