Season 10

It's All Journalism episodes published in 2022.

502. How crime reporting plus data leads to greater transparency

Amos Gelb is the founder and publisher of DC Witness and Baltimore Witness, which combine journalism, transparency and data to ensure accountability of the criminal justice system in Washington...


503. Legacy newsrooms identify new streams of digital revenue

Will Medina, director of sales and marketing at Prensa Arizona, and Dana M. Peck, director of digital solutions at The AFRO, discuss how the Google New Initiative's Ad Transformation Lab...


504. Ms. Magazine marks 50 years of uplifting feminist voices, ideals

Katherine Spillar, executive editor of Ms. Magazine, discusses the magazine's role and how it uplifts feminist voices and concerns.


505. Police misconduct exposed by California Reporting Project

Arlo Malmberg, manager of the Discovery Program at the University of California-Berekely, and Lisa Pickoff-White, a data reporter at KQED, discuss the California Reporting Project's efforts making public data...


506. More reporters covering statehouses: Pew Research study

A new study from the Pew Research Center looks at the state of statehouse reporting in the U.S. and comes away with some good news and not-so-good news. Katerina Eva...


507. Immersive reporting from nudist community to drag show diva

Billy Warden is a Raleigh-based marketing executive, writer and musician. He specializes in writing features from a first-person, immersive perspective. He shares what it's like reporting from inside a nudist...


Better News: Wake-up call inspires newsroom to rethink coverage of Black communities

Joel Christopher and Brenna McDermott discuss how a wake-up call inspired the Knoxville News Sentinel to change the way it was covering Black communities.


508. Baltimore Banner aims to keep local journalism strong

Liz Bowie and Justin Fenton discuss the Baltimore Banner, a soon-to-launch, all-digital news outlet.


509. Resources for journalists covering trauma, health and science topics

Naseem Miller is a health reporter with the Journalist’s Resource at Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School and the cofounder of the Journalists Covering Trauma Facebook group.


510. Why diversity should be part of everything newsrooms do

Joanne Griffith is the chief content officer of the American Public Media Group's APM Studios. The talks to It's All Journalism host Michael O'Connell about her role overseeing APM Studios’...


Better News: 100 Days finds revenue streams beyond philanthropy

Dana Coester and Ashton Marra discuss how 100 Days in Appalachia found greater sustainability with reader revenue and community membership.


511. Working to make newsrooms anti-racist, equitable and just

Sisi Wei is co-executive director o OpenNews, which is helping to build more equitable future for journalism. In March, OpenNews marked the one year anniversary of the DEI Coalition...


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